Corporate Responsibility and Sustainbility

“Why do companies get involved in CSR?” What is CSR? Corporate sustainability and responsibility is initially the way that the company, brand or organisation combats the impact that they have caused the environment and community that they are within, however now larger companies, corporations and brands have branched out made their businesses work harder on … More Corporate Responsibility and Sustainbility

Diversity in PR

“Could the Pepsi controversy have been stopped if there were more BAME’s in the discussion or decision making process for the advert?” PepsiCo recently released an advert starring model, internet and TV sensation Kendall Jenner as the lead and controversially covered the topic of social unrest, with the most questionable part of the now removed … More Diversity in PR

Influencer’s and PR

“Influencer’s are PR’s newest tool” PR agencies, companies and practitioners have in the past few years due to the boom within social media platforms of the ‘everyday individual’ influencers who have been sourced from audiences that have followings on social media sites such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and so on. These new social media influencers … More Influencer’s and PR

Power and Society in PR

Looking specifically at NGO’s charities and activist’s campaigns, many of these groups, organisations and their brands need to push their appeals, drives and initiatives and a way that they can go about doing this is by creating and promoting campaigns e.g. fundraising appeals and learning initiatives for children. The third sector is an extremely large … More Power and Society in PR

Lobbying and PR

“Lobbying furthers the interest of the powerful and the elites with money.” Here we looked at the position of lobbying and politics in the public relations profession and had to counter the fact that lobbying was not a tool that was effective or needed and may have contributed greatly to the possible corruption of the … More Lobbying and PR