Crisis Management session

In this seminar we had a guest speaker from Deloitte Risk Management team, Komel Bajwe come in and tell us about how she and her team prepare, brief and at times implement crisis management plans that she and her team create for companies that approach Deloitte for their expertise.

These plans include preparation before hand for any foreseeable and randomly occurring crisis that could happen to the company looking at precedent set by the past issues that have occurred internally or with other companies within the similar sector type. Whilst these may be some issues that could be planned for each case is subjective in situation due to the factors that differentiate each company including internal factors, environment, culture, public interest and so on.

Many cases that may not be seen as something that the organisation needs to cover or plan for could be intensified in reality due to recent events and strong public interest coinciding, problems like this are difficult to foresee and can be the most scarring for the company and its brands reputation.

There are many different factors and strategies that combine to cover all bases when managers, agencies and/ or employees involved in the crisis management planning that is essential to any and all organisations or companies, mostly include; information plans [e.g ways to reduce offensiveness, bolstering (positivity) and redress (victim prioritisation], looking at possible outcomes, the situational factors, Timing and heeding evidence based crisis communication plans. (W T Coombs, 2015)


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